Circle Up - A 4-Part Series for New Groups

circle up.jpg

Before starting a brand new group or hitting the reset button as your group comes together again after a season away it is a good idea to walk through the thins that make a great small group. This 4-Part series called Circle Up is a fantastic way to jump in and get to know each other as well as set some of the basics for expectations and communications in your small group.

Below are the link to the videos and the discussion guides for each week so you have everything in one spot (all videos are on one page just scroll down for following weeks).

Part 1 introduces the value of experience church in circles, not rows. - Video Discussion Guide

Part 2 reveals what loving people has to do with loving God. - Video Discussion Guide

Part 3 debunks the myth that chemistry is necessary for community. - Video Discussion Guide

Part 4 encourages group members to be contributors to community. - Video Discussion Guide