Book Recommendations

improving our understanding and continuing our learning is always a good idea. However, with so many books out there how do you chose the next one or form a short list that you know would be beneficial? While this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch, a few solid reading recommendations can get you started and point in the right direction. Check out the titles below that are a few of the best as you lead a group.

Creating Community

by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits

This is not just another book about community; this is a book about strategy—strategy that builds a small group culture. Creating Community shares clear and simple principles to help people connect into meaningful relationships. The kind God desires for each of us. The kind He uses to change our lives.

The Pursuit of Holiness

by Jerry Bridges

Following Jesus is a lifetime pursuit and one that will impact every area of life. In pursuing God we pursue Holiness. This practical book will demonstrate how God does that in our lives and what responsibility we have to the process.

Making Disciples One Conversation at a Time

by D. Michael Henderson

It can be stressful to consider reaching out to new people at times, but what about all the people you area already talking to? This book shows you how you can use those conversations to help people take their Next Step in following Jesus.

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