C2C stands for "Community to Community". It is our goal to take what we have in abundance to other communities, and that they will impact us in a similar way so together we can be better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We specifically have a partnership with Cambalam and Xepiun, Guatemala through the organization of Food for the Hungry, who works to eliminate spiritual and economic poverty all around the world.

Our partnership includes regularly praying for these communities, sponsoring Guatemalan children, and taking annual mission trips to aid in community development and visit the children we sponsor.  Our goal is not to create dependency, but rather, mutually cooperate with the people in Guatemala and Food for the Hungry to help break the devastating cycle of poverty by educating and providing the proper tools to create self-sustaining, thriving communities.

Please consider being involved in supporting Cambalam and Xepiun through prayer, by sponsoring a child, or going on a missions trip to support our mission!