Recently, someone you know got baptized; this means they went public with their faith in Jesus Christ. You may have arrived here hoping to learn why they got baptized or just generally what this is about, and we’ll answer both. Either way we want you to know, we’re glad you’re here! 

Let’s look at a few questions that may help explain what just took place in their life. 

What decision did they make? 

They came to understand that, no matter how hard they try, they are not and can never be good enough to go to Heaven on their own. God is a perfect being, and any area of their life that does not meet God’s standard (which we call “sin”) will prevent them from entering Heaven. Essentially, the cost of imperfection is death (or permanent separation from God). No one can live a perfect life, so they made a decision to trust that the son of God, Jesus, came to earth in order to fix this situation, and take the blame for sin. By living a perfect life and then dying on their behalf, Jesus filled a void that they couldn’t on their own. Three days after Jesus’ death, He rose from the grave and conquered death, officially giving them power of death as well (access to Heaven again).

Why are they “going public” about it?

By “going public”, they are making an outward expression of their decision to follow Jesus. They want everyone they know, including you, that Jesus has become a part of their life and that He saved them. When Jesus changes someone’s life, it is hard to keep it quiet. They want you to know about who He is and what He has done for them and for you.

How does baptism fit into that?

Good question - it seems that there are any number of ways that they could let people know that they made a choice, so why this way? Well, this is how Jesus instructed communicated that message during His lifetime, and He asked us to follow. There is also some symbolism in the process that is important. When someone is baptized they go under the water, to symbolize they are buried with Jesus in his death and burial, and they come out of the water to symbolize his resurrection with Jesus as well. 

Why are they telling me?

They know that the story of Jesus is something that needs to be shared. You see, when Jesus died on the cross for their sins, He died for yours, too. No matter what you’ve done or how far away you might think you are, nothing is too far outside of what Jesus did for you. They are telling you because they love you and want you to know the great joy and love they have found in their relationship with Jesus. 

Where do I go from here? 

    1. Follow up with them - If you have questions or want to hear the specifics of their story and how Jesus changed their life, reach out to your friend and ask to hear their story. You may know some of the story, but chances are you don’t know the whole thing.

    2. Come check it out - If you are curious, exploring this whole idea of faith, facing specific questions, or just want to see what it’s about, come join us. We would love to have you! You can find a campus and service time that best fits your schedule by clicking HERE.